Home Tube Feeding Consultations

We will work closely with you

Food is more than just sustenance. Our mission is to support people with feeding tubes in their preferred way, helping them meet their nutritional needs, achieve independence and strength, and feel comfortable with food in social settings. 

For those with newly acquired feeding tubes: The transition from hospital to home can be challenging, especially when adjusting to a new way of eating. We are here to make the transition smoother.

For those who have been using feeding tubes for a while: We can help you manage your tube feeding more effectively, whether it’s to accommodate a new lifestyle, changing medical treatment, bowel concerns, vacation planning, or to boost energy levels.

For those looking to wean off their feeding tubes and eat more: We will work with you, your caregivers, Speech Pathologist, and doctor to ensure a seamless transition from tube feeding to oral diets.

For those interested in blended food formula: Homemade blended formulas have a negative reputation, but we, backed by science, believe they can be safe and nutritionally adequate just like regular meals. If blending your own meals for tube feeding is what you want, we’re here to help.

We offer both in-person home visits and virtual consultations.

So you’ve decided we are the right fit, what happens next?


Make a referral through our website or email us on admin@tubedietitian.com

Receive a call back

Receive an email or call back within 2 business days from us so we better understand you or clients nutrition goals

Complete paperwork

We will then send you a service agreement contract and a safe home visiting checklist to complete

First consultation

Within 1-2 weeks from the referral point, we would have conducted our first nutrition consultation either virtually or in person

Email us anytime

Need to trouble shoot what to do if your having bowel trouble or you run out of formula? We’ll be there to help. We know things can take an unpredicted turn so you can email us anytime and expect a response within 2 days

We will work closely with your care team


Nutrition affects all aspects of someone’s life so we believe collaboration with other health professionals involved with our clients is essential to us providing responsive, excellent, and person-centered nutrition care. So expect us to ask who else is involved, and with permission, connect with them.

We will:

write update letters to your GP, Private Specialist, hospital Specialist or dietitian, or whoever else we share your care with

write NDIS advocacy letters to ensure you have adequate capacity building and core consumables funding

connect you to a community nursing service that is fluent in stoma and tube care

meet with your Gastroenterologist, Speech Pathologist, Endocrinologist, Physiotherapist, or other specialists as needed

attend care team meetings as often as required

develop tailored homemade blended tube feeding recipes that your support carers can cook

Fee structure

  • There will be no out of pocket expenses for those with a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan or a Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Plan.
  • Rebates for dietitian cover exist through most private insurance companies. The exact amount depends on your cover type. Please speak to your insurer. A gap fee may or may not apply depending on your cover type.
  • For those who have a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan or an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan, payment will need to be made directly in full but then Medicare will rebate you $55.10 per Dietitian consultation for up to 5 consults a year. Please speak to your GP to find out if you are eligible for these plans.