Your Tube’s Book Launch

A big shoutout to the team at Fresenius Kabi Australia and New Zealand –  Luke Richmond, Natalie Victor, and the wonderful MC Rebecca Sparrowhawk – for sponsoring and organising my book launch event day 1 of Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2024.

It was truly awesome, buzzing with compassion, person-centered tubie practical tips, and lots of warmth.

Juliette McAleer’s presentation was straight from the heart. To have a tubie speak to a crowd of dietitian’s pushes the boundaries of PD and shifts the power to where it truly belongs, to the patient/consumer. Juliette made reference to being labelled “the short gut in bed 20” during her hospital stay and I know that struck a deep chord in us all.

Dr Adrienne Young oozed authenticity and warmth, leaving us so humbled by her presentation focussed on dismantling the power imbalance that clinicians have with their patients, and how power is the root of ineffective patient-centred care. Acknowlegde your privledge and listen more than you speak.

And having my all-time fave, Tanya Gilliver, read the foreword of Your Tube, written by Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM, was the strawberry on a cake.

The bottom line is: “nothing about us, without us.”

Tubies (and/or their primary carers) need to be empowered with the knowledge of choice around their formula type, regimen type, whether they have a button or dangler or how many ports their tube can have, the innovative gadgets out there to simplify tubie life, and everything else in between about their home tube feeding journey.

Your Tube: a guide to nutrition through a feeding tube ( is a drop in an ocean of home tube feeding resources, but one that I hope will shift the power dynamic for tubies by equipping them with knowledge.

A sincere thank you to each dietitian that came out on a school night to talk tubies! I loved seeing so many familiar and new faces in the crowd.

Yours truly,

Lina Breik (Founder & Lead Dietitan at Tube Dietitian)

ps. Some pictures of the fun night below, enjoy!